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Sent to the Editor of The Day, New London CT on 18 February 2004 in response to Letter from Mr. Ray Kozaczensky, Uncasville posted February 17 2004, "Be Leery Of Same-sex Marriage's Gay Agenda". Mr. Kozaczensky's letter was in response to a column by Chuck Potter's, Day Staff Writer/Columnist column, "In Marriage, Government Can't Be Biased Against Gays", February 14 2004 and JT's previous letter published the same day. [Letter as published in the Day available here]

Gays must be a powerful lot of folks!

To: The Editor
Date: February 14 2004

And, although I doubt ending discrimination against same-sex couples will bring the end of civilization, the destruction of the institution of marriage or even a rush of bisexual people demanding the right to multiple partner marriage, I do think opening our minds and hearts to is occasionally a good idea.

Now, if Mr. Kozaczensky wants to suggest that the latest crop of "reality" television shows may bring down this country, we can sure agree on that! But on this one, I remain in the "The discussion is really about civil rights, not gay rights." camp with Chuck Potter.

Joyce Thomas
Writing from West Palm Beach FL
On hiatus from the snow

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A "gay agenda" that includes "destroying traditional marriage" and "lower[ing] the morals of this country"? Wow! Mr. Kozaczensky must really think the "gays" of this country a powerful lot of folks! Or, he believes that "traditional marriage" and the "morals of this country" are pretty darn vulnerable.

In the last century, there was a Senator from Wisconsin who waged a battle to save this country's morals from the "red agenda" - by spreading fear and suspicion of the "unseen threat" for personal power and notoriety. The warnings in Mr. Kozaczensky's letter of February 17 have a similar flavor to them.

(Somewhere there's a discussion about just how valuable "traditional marriage" has been to all the participants - especially the "traditionally weaker" members such as battered spouses and abused children - but that's for another day . . .)

It seems ironic that it's the very thing - marriage - that homosexual and lesbian couples are fighting to gain the legal right to that Mr. Kozaczensky believes they wish to destroy.