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Letter to Representative Melissa Olson & Senator Edith Prague

In Consideration of Stem Cell Research

To: Senator Prague and Representative Olson
Date: Friday, February 04 2005

Dear Senator Prague and Representative Olson:

Stem cell research has the potential to treat a variety of health problems and to improve the quality of life for many Connecticut residents. It will also bring scientific innovation and economic development to our area.

I urge you to commit to stem cell research in Connecticut and to affirm out state's dedication to reproductive choice.

Joyce Thomas

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Much has been said about the ethical and, perhaps, medical dilemmas of stem cell research. As with any discovery or technology that has the potential to trigger a paradigm shift, the possibilities that successful stem cell research may bring will challenge us; to rethink and reaffirm our commitment to ethical, fair and compassionate behavior.

But this kind of challenge has been met many times before, and can be so again. We are a strong and caring people. We will figure this out.

Please join me and Planned Parenthood of Connecticut in supporting stem cell research in our state.