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Correspondence from State of Connecticut Representative Melissa Olson

In Consideration of Stem Cell Research

A letter was sent via email to Senators Edith Prague and Representative Melissa Olson, State of Connecticut regarding stem cell research This is State Representative, Melissa Olson's response.

From: Rep. Olson, Melissa "Melissa.Olson@cga.ct.gov"
Subject: RE: Support Stem Cell Research in CT
Date: Monday, February 07 2005

Dear Joyce,

I look forward to our future conversations. Take good care.

Melissa Olson, State Representative
46th District

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Thank you for your input and comments. I, too, am committed to stem cell research. I believe that we have an obligation to work to alleviate human suffering and finding cures to disease is one way to accomplish this goal. As vice chair of the Public Health committee, I am honored to be able to work directly on this legislation.